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In 2013, we introduced our Never-Cancel Guarantee.

Back then we were just working the I-91 corridor when we noticed we were getting more and more last minute party requests. Frantic parents were trying to find last-minute entertainment because the company they hired originally had canceled on them.

We can’t always take last-minute parties due to growing demand for our entertainers, but to honor our clients we have a few promises for you:

  1. Our artists are vetted, committed, and amazing entertainers. They don’t call out, and on the very rare chance they do, our team is big enough to quickly sub in a new artist. (This is part of the reason we don’t let our clients pick their artist.)
  2. On the even more-rare emergency our artist has a serious last-minute emergency (car crash, hospitalizations, and family deaths have all happened here less than 24hrs before a party), we have artists on stand-by!
  3. In NH, MA, RI, and CT we have one artist per state that can be dispatched to your party incase of literally anything. We’ve always been able to get the client their original package. But if sometime in the future you order a face painting princess and we can only provide you with a face painting artist (this hasn’t happened yet, but in case!) our substitute package is provided for free as a courtesy.

THIS is why we’re one of the fastest growing entertainment companies on the east coast!

We also now offer the never-cancel guarantee to other entertainment companies. They pay us a premium (like an insurance company) every week and incase there is an emergency, we simply ship out one of our artists. Just look for the never-cancel badge on their website, and we have their back!

If the company you’re booking doesn’t have our never-cancel guarantee, ask what their plan is for last-minute emergencies and if they have an artist ready to go at dispatch every weekend. If not, call us next!

Written by kscope